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Lesley YENDELL (Feb11 - 15, 2020).

+ Performance and Artist Meeting on the 14th of February.
Residency co-curated by Martine VIALE and Barbara FRIEDMAN.

Lesley YENDELL is an English artist based in Spain, she has worked on various projects around Europe which include performance festivals, sculpture symposiums and regeneration projects.


Her work draws from both landscapes manipulated by man for production and every day domestic objects. It concentrates on the transformation of these quotidian objects and introduces new criteria to value not only their aesthetic effect but also their communicative power.


She transforms natural materials such as leaves, branches and earth into objects of daily use. De contextualized from the domestic ambit and magnified they enter a poetic universe of their own where they radiate a new and evocative life.


Her performance work continues the exploration of these transformations and expresses ideas of complexity and subtlety.


In her drawings, sculptures and performance she examines materials, their manipulation, qualities and associations and works with them to mutate them into some thing layered that transmits and reveals unexpected associations of things that are some times invisible to us.


Her works are pieces that suggest stories, that ask questions while at the same time oscillating between their various realities - a genuine melding of different disciplines to create some thing unique.


Since 2014 she has curated and directed LAPEK.

LAPEK is an artist led creative space based in her studio in the Penedes, Catalonia. It is a space for a number of activities, exhibitions, workshops, artists residencies, action art and performance.


She has taught, given workshops and lectured internationally, most recently at the University of Barcelona UAB.

Martine Viale (Oct 29 - Nov 8, 2019).

+First Meeting around Performance Art and Action Art and Residecy Restitution on the 5th of November.

Martine Viale

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Martine Viale lives and works in Perpignan, France. Since 1999, her work have been presented in several festivals, galleries and site-specific context across Canada and internationally in Brazil, Israel, Poland, Cyprus, United States, Brittany, France, Belgium, Serbia, The Philippines, Japan, Scotland, Spain, Ukraine and Denmark.

"During my stay, I tried to recreate a map of the village with my own trajectories and infiltrations;

a cartography made of subtle deviations."

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